• Manufacturing Day

    October 2nd, 2015

    Today is national Manufacturing Day, a national effort to connect students to careers in manufacturing. Over 40 manufacturers in the Dayton area will open their doors for over 3,500 participating high school students to tour their facilities.  Students meet with managers and staff, participate in manufacturing activities and learn about careers in the field.  This helps connect manufacturing employers with the future skilled workers they will need.

    New for this year, is a manufacturing career engagement campaign to involve younger students.  In partnership with Wizards of Wright and the Dayton Metro Library, mini-maker modules will be presented in every fourth grade classroom in Dayton Public Schools, engaging 1,000 students in conversations about science and manufacturing.

    Dayton has one of the largest Manufacturing Day programs in the nation, serving as a model for other communities.  I would especially like to thank our partners who make this possible:  the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association and its members, the Dayton Development Coalition, Dayton Metro Library, Sinclair Community College and Wizards of Wright (Wright Patterson Air Force Base’s Education Outreach Office).

    It is very important that manufacturing continue to thrive in the Dayton region and that we develop the workforce to meet its needs.  I am excited that five participants in Manufacturing Day are expanding their commitment to the Dayton region:  Gem City Engineering, McGregor MetalWorking, Palmer Manufacturing & Supply, Pentaflex and Staub Manufacturing.

Friends of Nan Whaley, Mark Owens, Treasurer, 443 E. 6th Street, Dayton, OH 45402