First 100 Days

Today marks my 100th day in office and I am using this time to reflect and update the citizens of Dayton on the progress we have made. I have held meetings with business and community leaders and public forums discussing everything from the building permit process to snow removal. I truly appreciate everyone’s generous time and useful comments as we define Dayton’s priorities. Some of the highlights include:


  • Completed six Mayor’s Business Round Table meetings with 38 business owners.
  • Held meetings with 10 of the top 25 CEOs in the region.
  • Working with Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, the Dayton Development Coalition and REDI Cincinnati, submitted an application for the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership designation from the U.S. Economic Development Administration to strengthen the aerospace industry and supply chain in the region.
  • Continued advocacy for the greater downtown through the announcement of Bike Share, the anchor tenant commitment for the Water Street development, the expansion of CareSource, and collaborative meetings with the arts community.
  • Continued to work with the Dayton Regional Manufacturing Task Force to expand national partnerships.
  • Met with the President, Vice President, Governor, and other federal, state and local officials to discuss the City’s priorities for the coming four years.


  • Kicked off the City of Learners Committee with over 60 community leaders.
  • Completed four community listening sessions, receiving great feedback on ways to improve the quality of education in the City.
  • Eight more listening sessions and weekly Education Moments are planned for the future.
  • Positioned Dayton to be selected as a community partner with the National League of Cities and the U.S. Department of Education to discuss strategies to advance learning, enhance student engagement and improve schools.

I am thrilled with the support I have received from the business community and citizens alike as we have begun to move Dayton forward. In the months ahead, we will continue our community outreach through the new citizen engagement strategy and neighborhood front porch meetings. Although the work may be hard, Dayton has a resilient spirit that helps us overcome great obstacles, and will again make Dayton a strong and prosperous city.

Thanks for your support.

Friends of Nan Whaley, Mark Owens, Treasurer, 443 E. 6th Street, Dayton, OH 45402