Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley Urges Kasich to Practice What He Preaches: Support Local Communities, Find Bipartisan Solutions

DAYTON, Ohio – Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley issued a statement today urging Governor John Kasich to use his state of the state address to outline a new approach that supports local communities and builds bipartisan support.

“I hope that tonight’s state of the state address reflects the new bipartisan tone that Gov. Kasich has been preaching on the national stage. We need for the state to start supporting local communities and working towards bipartisan solutions to some of our toughest problems.

“Gov. Kasich should join forces with local leaders to address the issues facing our communities. We need to create jobs, and educate and train our workforce, but we also need to come together to stop the scourge of heroin and opiates that are devastating our citizens and their families.

“I’m optimistic about the future of Ohio because of the work we’re doing here in Dayton and the work being done by so many local leaders around this state. But we need support from Columbus. It’s good that Gov. Kasich is in Sandusky, but he needs to come to our communities more than once a year and see first-hand the devastating impacts his cuts have made.”

Whaley is running for reelection as Mayor of Dayton in 2017, and she’s the first incumbent mayor to run unopposed in the city’s history.

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