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With the future of Roe v. Wade in jeopardy at the U.S. Supreme Court and anti-abortion legislation being introduced in Ohio and across the country, now more than ever, Ohio needs a pro-choice, Democratic Governor who will staunchly protect abortion access — especially for people who face greater barriers to access. Abortion is on the ballot in 2022.

On December 1, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court will review a Mississippi abortion law in what is a direct challenge to the future of Roe v. Wade since its passage in 1973. If Roe is struck down, the next Governor of Ohio will likely be the last line of defense in protecting abortion rights in our state.

As governor, Nan pledges to:

  • Veto any anti-abortion legislation that comes across her desk. With constant attacks on choice on the rise, Ohio needs a pro-choice Governor who can act as the last line of defense in protecting abortion rights in our state.
  • Never waiver on her commitment to protecting abortion access and reproductive freedom in Ohio.
  • Appoint a pro-choice director of the Ohio Department of Public Health. The Department of Public Health has the power to regulate abortion clinics and must be led by someone committed to protecting reproductive freedom.

Ohio Republicans have made it clear that they’ll ban abortion in our state. Ohio Republicans are attempting to throw away Ohioans’ constitutional right to choose with dangerous legislation that would criminalize abortion and encourage vigilantism in our state. And Governor DeWine has indicated time and again that he supports and will sign into law anti-abortion legislation, even if that means endangering the health and well-being of Ohioans.

Nan believes that Ohioans deserve better. She is proud to be the only candidate in this race — Democrat or Republican — that has always stood up for reproductive rights.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As Mayor of Dayton, when Ohio’s medically unnecessary transfer agreement threatened to shutter the Dayton-area Women’s Med Center, Nan worked with community members, doctors, and lawyers to set up a variance agreement so that abortions could resume. Her work and commitment to protecting abortion access and reproductive freedom has earned her the endorsement of leading pro-choice organizations including NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, EMILY’s List, and the Ohio Democratic Women’s Legislative Caucus.

This is a critical time for reproductive rights in Ohio and in the country at large. The conservative majority in the Ohio state legislature is far to the right of the majority of Ohio voters on abortion, and its members are determined to continue to pass dangerous abortion restrictions. It has never been more important to elect a Democratic pro-choice woman as governor of Ohio.

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