Ohio is a state of innovation and creativity. Of inventors and astronauts. We led the last manufacturing revolution and there’s no reason we can’t lead the next one. We have everything it takes.

Nan is ready to give every Ohioan, regardless of what they look like or where they live, a real chance at opportunity. And if we come together, we can create a future where everyone can live up to their potential.

Nan’s message for Ohio is this: She wants your pay to go up, your bills to go down, and your government to work for you.

Read about Nan’s vision for Ohio in these areas:


Invest in Ohio: Nan Whaley’s 21st Century Jobs Plan

The story of America’s 20th Century is the story of Ohio. People came here for opportunity — immigrants from abroad, migrants from Appalachia and the Jim Crow South. We were home to inventors like the Wright Brothers, Garrett Morgan, and Thomas Edison, and pioneering companies like National Cash Register, Goodyear Rubber, and Republic Steel. Good, union jobs in manufacturing built our middle class and the natural resources, transportation, and supply chains supporting these industries ensured this prosperity stretched all over our state.

But for thirty years, our political leaders have allowed Ohio to fall further and further behind, choosing complacency over tough, honest conversations about the future of our state.

Ohio is at a crossroads. The world is changing — new industries and technologies are creating the good-paying jobs of the future. We can either adapt and change with it, or be left behind.

Nan is running for governor because she believes Ohio deserves better. We deserve a state where one good job is enough to provide for our families; where our kids and grandkids have opportunities; where we lead the nation in innovation.

This new Ohio can do even better than we have in the past, ensuring that the benefits of good jobs are available to everyone, no matter their race, sex, or zip code. To get there we have to be laser focused on growing the jobs of the 21st Century, supporting Ohio entrepreneurs, and raising wages for all Ohioans.

Ohio’s people are at the center of its economy — how Ohio’s people are doing around their kitchen tables each day is what matters most to Nan. That’s why Ohio’s families are at the heart of Nan’s jobs policy.


Nan’s Plan to Combat Corruption & Restore Ethics in Ohio

Ohio is at a crossroads. Decades of Republican control of state government has led to scandal after scandal. More often than not, the same politicians, lobbyists, and GOP consultants re-appear in each new abuse of power, but never face repercussions. Each scandal seems worse than the last, but the basic formula stays the same: Republican elected officials enriching themselves and their allies while the rest of us foot the bill. This culture of corruption has culminated in the most egregious scandal in Ohio’s history, and the biggest statehouse scandal in the country: the $61 million HB 6 bribery and racketeering scheme that reaches the highest levels of Ohio government.

These scandals — from Coingate, to ECOT, to HB 6 — are devastating for our state. Not only do they undermine confidence in our government as a force for good, but they literally cost Ohioans money through misdirected funds and increased costs.

Republican politicians like Governor Mike DeWine have looked the other way while Ohio has become the worst state in the country for public corruption. They have personally and politically benefited from this broken, pay-to-play culture and are too weak to stand up to it. If Gov. DeWine or other Republicans had the power or the will to fix these problems, we would have seen action by now.

Enough is enough. Nan Whaley is running for Governor to clean up this mess and restore public trust.


Protect Ohio’s Natural Resources and Invest in Clean Energy Jobs

As the mayor of Dayton, Nan has fought to protect the region’s drinking water from polluters. As governor, she will fight to protect Ohio’s environment to ensure that our kids have access to clean water, clean air, and clean jobs. Our natural resources helped create the prosperity our state saw in the 20th Century, but often at great costs to local communities. Nan has signed on to the Marshall Plan for Middle America, a regional roadmap to drive equitable infrastructure development in the Ohio Valley, and is committed to ensuring that the clean energy jobs of the future are available all across Ohio, especially in Appalachia. 

In addition to increasing electricity bills for Ohio families and businesses, the corrupt House Bill 6 also gutted Ohio’s renewable energy standards. This is unacceptable. As governor, Nan will fight to fully repeal this awful law and put these standards back in place so that Ohio is positioned to thrive in the new clean energy economy. She’ll stand up to extremist politicians and make sure that the technology of the future is built right here in Ohio.


Defend Abortion Rights in Ohio

Ohio Republicans have made it clear that they’ll ban abortion in our state — which is why, now more than ever, Ohio needs a pro-choice Democratic Governor. If the majority on the U.S. Supreme Court gets their way, the next Governor of Ohio may be the last line of defense protecting abortion rights in our state. As Governor, Nan will never waiver on her commitment to choice.

When Ohio’s medically unnecessary transfer agreement threatened to shutter the Dayton-area Women’s Med Center, Nan worked with community members, doctors, and lawyers to set up a variance agreement so that abortions could resume. She believes that actions speak louder than words — and that’s why she’s proud to be the only candidate in this race, Republican or Democrat, who has always stood up for Ohioans’ right to choose.

Read about Nan’s Track Record on Protecting Ohioans’ Right to Choose


Strengthen K–12 Schools, Make Preschool Universal, and Make Higher Ed Affordable

Nan knows that the greatest investment we can make is in our children. When she became mayor of Dayton, it  was clear the city needed to plot a new path forward for its kids to be able to break out of poverty and to compete in the 21st Century economy. Most mayors in Ohio don’t control local school districts, including Dayton, but the data showed that Dayton children were entering kindergarten unprepared and that a lack of childcare options was a huge burden for families. 

Nan brought together the ingenuity of business, community, and education leaders to figure out a solution. In 2016, Dayton voters approved their plan to fund universal, high-quality preschool for every four year old in the city. It has been so successful that this summer, it was expanded to include all 3 year olds in the city. In just a few short years, we’ve already seen significant improvement in Dayton students. 

As governor, Nan will keep this same focus on education. She’ll work to strengthen our K-12 schools and maintain hard-fought funding reforms — our system is designed so that Ohio’s governor has more power to impact local schools, something Mike DeWine has failed to do. Using Dayton’s Preschool Promise as a model, she’ll make high-quality, universal preschool available to all Ohio kids. And she’ll fight to make community college and trade schools more affordable and accessible so that every Ohioan can get the skills they need to succeed.


Paid Family Leave and Keep Kids Safe in School

Growing up, Nan’s dad got laid off from his job at a GM plant. Her mom had to go to work at the laundromat behind their house to help make ends meet. That experience has made her believe in her bones that when we talk about the economy, we have to talk about people, not numbers and statistics. Ohio’s people are at the center of its economy — how Ohio’s people are doing around their kitchen tables each day is what matters the most. That’s why Ohio’s families are at the heart of every decision she makes.

No matter where you live or what you look like, no one should have to choose between paying their bills and taking care of their kids or family members. The COVID-19 crisis made this even more clear. Too many Ohio families are just one illness or injury away from financial disaster. This has to change. Under Nan’s leadership, Dayton was the first major Ohio city to offer paid parental leave for municipal employees. As governor, she’ll fight for paid family leave for all Ohioans. 

As we enter a new phase of the COVID-19 crisis, Nan knows how important it is that kids are safely in school, so that they can get the education they deserve and their parents can get to work. That’s why she’s leading the fight to mandate masks in schools — the proven way to keep children healthy and schools open. Gov. Mike DeWine has this power — but is more worried about politics than Ohio kids.


Keeping Our Promise to Ohio’s Veterans

Ohio has one of the highest populations of veterans in the United States, and we owe these men and women more than a day of recognition each November — we owe them our full support in their return to civilian life through all its phases: reentry, community choice, job search, family support, and aging. Just as Ohio is a location of choice for defense facilities and bases — Wright Patterson Air Force Base, ISC Cleveland Coast Guard Base, and Youngstown-Warren Air Reserve Station — we must become a location of choice for veterans when it is time for them to leave service.

Nan’s policy is guided by the belief that all veterans living in are Ohio are entitled to:

  1. The right to live in health and age with dignity;
  2. The right to a job and the tools to thrive;
  3. The right to shelter and housing;
  4. The right to justice.

Under Nan’s leadership as Governor, Ohio will once again honor its sacred obligation to our veterans and their families.


Investing in Ohio’s Appalachian Communities

Ohio’s true power and vibrancy comes from its communities, and those communities must be at the center of state policy and budget priorities. Appalachian Ohio has not seen investment at scale for over 50 years and has suffered population losses throughout the region. As Governor, Nan would make it a priority to build a true partnership between the state and local governments, so that we can finally give Appalachia the investment it deserves.

The core tenets of Nan’s plan to invest in Appalachian Ohio include:

  1. Fulfilling the Broadband Promise: Universal broadband in Appalachia by 2028
  2. Addressing the opioid crisis
  3. Building a powerful base for Appalachian jobs and innovation
  4. Supporting our veterans

Lowering Drug Prices

Nan’s Plan to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

No Ohioan should have to choose between keeping food on the table and paying for life-saving medicine, no matter where they live in our state. Yet for too many, and for too long, the prescription drugs they need are being priced out of their reach, while wealthy drug companies are seeing record profits. Research has shown that drug prices in the United States are two to three times higher than other developed countries and that the increase in prices has not been driven by any clinical evidence, all while drug company CEOs line their pockets with increased profits.

Nan knows this is unacceptable and that’s why, once elected, she’ll fight to lower drug prices for Ohio families.

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